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Terri Laggis is the founder and owner of Wisteria Healing Arts.  She is a Registered Nurse with 20 years of clinical experience as well as a licensed massage therapist.  Terri is also certified in reflexology and Pediatric massage and a practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy and energy therapies.  As a Registered Nurse Terri has had experience in both pediatric and adult Oncology and palliative care, Rheumatology and general pediatrics and geriatrics.  She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, American Pediatric Oncology Association, and American Massage Therapy Association.

By combining her knowledge of conventional medicine with that of complimentary and integrative medicine Terri is uniquely qualified to help clients develop a wellness plan that will fit their current state of health and lifestyle.

Terri’s awareness of the need for a holistic approach to health and wellness and the indisputable mind, body connection has become focused as she works with the greatest of sensitivity, care and compassion on clients with a wide range of needs.  Children on through adults, those with Cancer, Diabetes, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, and those in need of stress relief and general relaxation find healing through her use of intuitive and therapeutic techniques and health counseling.  In choosing a holistic, integrative approach to your healthcare, you’ve begun a path toward optimal wellness and radiant health choosing this approach represents an investment on your part to actively participate in your own health and wellness.

Terri’s special interests are in wellness and preventive health care, disorders of stress, Oncology, Women’s health, Pediatrics and Hospice and Palliative care.  Terri is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Integrative Health and Healing.

One of the core values of Wisteria Healing Arts is a commitment to hear all of your questions and concerns with a goal of broadening and deepening your awareness of the underlying imbalances that drive illness and address them properly in order to enhance the body’s ability to heal.  Your comfort and ease is always the main concern.  Terri encourages clients to ask questions, express concerns at any point in the process of working together to ensure you receive clear and understandable information and education about your health.

Terri has trained in a variety of modalities and continues to take education courses to tailor her services and massage to best meet the needs of her clients.  Looking forward to working with you in achieving optimal health and wellness.  Wishing you much health and happiness.

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Terri Laggis, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T

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