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New! Ayurveda FacialsNew! Ayurveda Facials

Facials are really preventive medicine. As we age, the cell renewal process slows down and during various seasons, especially the winter months, skin can become dry due to lower humidity levels causing a decrease in normal skin moisture.

Our Ayurveda facials are custom designed to treat your skin type and deliver a gentle but thorough cleanse helping to rid the skin of impurities and stimulate cell renewal restoring moisture and returning your skin to its natural balance.

Included with every 60 minute facial is a gentle and relaxing massage of your neck, shoulders, arms and hands as well as your feet and lower legs helping to balance your being inside and out. You will leave feeling renewed and beautiful. Pamper your skin with our Ayurvedic Inspired organic facial treatments, using Solavedi Organic skin care products

Solavedi Organics made locally in Guilford, CT from 100% organic, food grade ingredients.

To truly get at the root cause of skin imbalances we must move beyond the concept of the existence of only three basic skin types, those being: dry, oily and normal.

We have become accustomed to determine skin type by how much or how little oil it produces.  Viewing skin typing in this way, while useful in a topical diagnostic way, is overly simplistic, but the root cause of how or why the skin has become imbalanced needs to be determined in order to effectively decide on a treatment.  As with any imbalance in the body once the cause has been addressed, the condition can be effectively treated and balance restored.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.  In the Ayurvedic system we all fall into three categories called doshas: Vata, Pitta or Kapha not from just a skin standpoint but in our general make up and personality as well.  While we often are a combination of more than one we are more dominantly one of the three.  From the stand point of skin the characteristics of each dosha are as follows:

VATA or Mature skin in general has a thinner epithelial layer, lacks moisture and shows facial lines, dark spots, discoloration and wrinkles as well as sun damage.

PITTA - Reflecting the fire element, your skin may be sensitive and may flare-up occasionally.  Pitta skin may break out before the menstrual cycle, or, for older women, this type of skin may have been blemish-free until the late forties.

KAPHA - Reflecting the elements of earth and water.  Kapha types may appear blessed to enjoy smooth, supple skin with no apparent issues.

Try our Ayurveda Facial and see the difference it will make to your skin.

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